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Polizia in Europa: Nicola Zichella a Parigi con collega della Polizia...

Polizia in Europa: Nicola Zichella a Parigi con collega della Polizia...: "Nicola Zichella a Parigi con collega della Polizia Francese"

Policia Metropolitana - Operativo de Control de Drogas
The Italian national  I.P.A. Section was founded in Naples on February 16, 1957 for the initiative of Dr. Adolfo Piatti ,in that period police chief of the traffic police of that city.
Very well assisted by some employees, such as Elio Draetta they began an action of proselytism in the major cities of Italy in order to spread the principles of the Association, in Rome, Florence, Milan and Genoa.
The work of IPA  was initially confined to local police, but the beginning was not easy or convenient, perhaps to a certain indifference cause was new association, or a lack of a social sense of association memberscip still not consolidated in our metality.
Successively  IPA Italy was supported by members of police corp Guardia di Finanza, the State  Police of Italy , Prison Guard, Corpo forestale, and recently, members of  Carabinieri.
The italian national section  is divided into 22 regional delegations. In addition, the relationships among members of regional delegations can have discounts for hotel accomodations  and restaurants and dental medical care.
The national italian ipa section publishes also the italian national IPA magazine  for all members associate and is delivered overseas,  see the link: link. The national headquarters is located in IPA Italy Civitanova Marche (MC) Via Venier nr. 32 email: tel +39 07331996051  National  IPA president  is Silvana Sergi
The Italian section, in the  world, now occupies the third place with about 23,000 members following  the national  sections of Germany and Austria, and enjoys a position of  prestige by the most senior international. IPA Lazio on behalf of the President Francesco Cava in recent years has organized seminars on  domestic violence, investigative sciences on Criminology , certificates  were conferred to all  participants of the seminars abovementioned. I mention below seminars organized by IPA Lazio:
Seminar on domestic violence was organized   in the year 2009 by President IPA Lazio Francesco Cava furthermore IPA Lazio has organized also courses on investigative journalism.
IPA Lazio via della consolazione 4  ca.ap. 00186 email contact:  ipalazio.roma @  tel +39 06 6990997 fax: +39 06 6794354-9 IPA President  Lazio Mr Francesco Cava  tel mob +39360 815 178

ipa houses in Lazio for members:


Nicola Zichella
socio benemerito IPA delegation Lazio
Card number 44427
Francesco Cava President of IPA Lazio & Nicola Zichella

Polizia in Europa

Nicola Zichella a Parigi con collega della Polizia Francese